St.Patrick is is the patron saint of the Republic of Ireland and each year on the 17th March they dedicate a day to celebrating his legacy. St Patrick’s Day has become one of the most celebrated patron saint’s day in the world, largely as a result of the incredible party atmosphere that exists on this day and also as a result of the incredible PR campaign that Guinness have launched for St.Paddy’s Day. If you plan to join the hoards of people celebrating this year then here are some great ways to ensure your Paddy’s Day is epic.

Go to the Races

St.Patrick’s day is a great day for heading to the races with many notable UK racecourses putting on full schedules and creating a a fun atmosphere within the racetracks. There are few better ways to spend a day than having a flutter on the ponies and enjoying a good drink in the stands as you watch in anticipation for your horse to cross the line, and St.Patricks Day is the perfect day to do it. If you are unable to get to a track then fear not as you can still place some bets online at from the comfort of your own home as you enjoy a Guiness and watch the race from your sofa.

Head to an Irish Bar

Regardless of what country, city or town that you live in, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be an Irish bar near you, find it, and head straight there on Paddy’s Day. This day is about celebrating all things Irish and thankfully it’s not exclusive to those born on the emerald isle and you can become an honorary Irishman for the day with a pint of the black stuff and a Leprechaun hat. This St.Patrick’s day you should go to your nearest Irish bar, crank up the fiddle music and have a good drink to all things Irish.

Hit a Parade


Across Europe and the United States there are several parades that take place celebrating Irish culture and they are a great way to spend your day. The parades will feature marching bands, Irish dancers, ornate floats and green costumes and flags adorning the streets. Last year in Denver for instance there were over 200,000 people who turned out for the parade and in cities across the World there is equal numbers of people who head out for a St.Patrick’s Day party and you should head out and join one this year.

Whatever you decide to do this St.Patrick’s Day just make sure that you are surrounded my like-minded folks and that you have a drink in your hand. The crazy hats, leprechaun outfits and green clothing are completely optional but wearing them will give you a great sense of occasion and of course will add to the fun. Fun is the optimum word for this day and wherever you celebrate and with whomever you party with then this is your main aim on Paddy’s Day, laugh, dance, drink, and party those are the only prerequisites for this festive day.