Bicycle tourism in Italy can often involve vineyard tours ... photo by CC user Turismo Baquía on wikimedia commons

Of all the nations in Europe, Italy has an enviable wealth of amazing sights to admire. While some of these are visible from the cities and easily accessible resort towns of this country, there are many others that are not as easily reached by train or by bus.

If you have done long-distance bike tours before, you will be pleased to find out that Italy is an excellent country to undertake this form of exploration as well. From winding mountain roads in the Alps, to sanguine country lanes in Tuscany, the possibilities for bicycle tourism in Italy are virtually limitless.

However, there is a problem: how will you find a bike to use on the ground considering that transporting your own on an airplane is so expensive and cumbersome? Fortunately, there are services that enable you to rent a bike from citizens within the country, like this one (, thereby making it simple to get started once you arrive.

Now that we have that matter out of the way, here’s a few places within this nation where you should travel by bike…

The Italian Alps

A natural place to begin if you want to go on a bike tour in Italy is the Italian Alps. Filled with a variety of outstanding alpine environments, including the imposing cliffs of the Dolomites, there will be an adventure and breathtaking sights around every twisting corner of your journey.

Quaint mountain villages will charm you with people that embrace a slower pace of life, but if you are looking for adventure, there are no shortage of mountain biking trails that veer off of the main routes, allowing you to head out in search of the Alpine Vista that you and your camera are searching for.


The region of Tuscany is famous for being the heart of Italian wine country, as well as being home to many of this nation’s historic small cities and towns. When you are ready to set out from Florence, which is home to a variety of Renaissance era buildings such as the Duomo, set out into the rolling hills of Tuscan farm country.

Here, vineyards that are home to some of this nation’s finest vintages will invite you in from the road by their mere presence. While you should take care to moderate your alcohol consumption during this self-guided wine tour, do savor the flavors that roll over your tongue as you sample some of the finest alcohol in the world.


Constituting the metaphorical soccer ball to Italy’s boot, Sicily is a place that stands out dramatically from the mainland. Sculpted by millions of years of volcanic activity, the rural areas of this island contain a wide variety of amazing vistas, as the land rises precipitously from the ocean.

Whether you choose to cruise from one provincial village to another, or challenge your body and mind as you ascend the side of Mount Etna, Sicily will prove to be an unforgettable destination for the bicycle tourist.