Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. That is the reason it receives a lot of tourists annually that come to visit some of the more popular sites it has to offer. When one visits a new place with the intention of maximising their experience, they must be willing to try out of the box thinking. There are hidden gems to be discovered and local places to eat authentic food to be tried out.

You just have to find them! A good option to start with is by selecting a quality tour. When booking for tours and activities, the market offers both group and private options. Being paired with strangers can be useful for networking but if one would rather experience Prague with their friends/family, they should consider the private option, which guarantees more intimacy, a 1-on-1 relation with your guide, and a higher degree of personalization. You can pick services like Withlocals that link you to a local host that can help you get the full local experience of the city. This can be very useful if you are visiting Prague for the first time because you receive a privileged introduction to the city, but even for a person who has been to Prague before. Food experts’ alert: make sure to go for companies that allow you to ask for customization of their offers. Ask to modify the itinerary or the inclusions of the tour of your choice to make it unique and memorable for you.

It is in this very way that we managed to gather a few suggestions of 5 food places in Prague that are worth it a visit if you want to eat and drink like a local in Prague. Here they are:

1. Naše Maso

It is a local traditional butchery shop and bistro with a modern look that locals love. Its name means our meat in Czech. They sell good cuts of meat from local farmers, and they prepare their meat with local ingredients and old recipes, adding the authenticity visitors crave. They grill the meat upon request, and one can eat standing around a small table which is an old Czech style of eating. They offer self-service taps for customers. Locals recommend beef tartar which is spicy minced raw meat accompanied by fried bread.

2. Lokal

Beer drinking and the bar scene is just as exciting as food in Prague. This Czech Pub started in 2009, and since then people go there to drink Pilsner Urquell, an internationally recognised brand, in its home country. Lokal is built to imitate old Czech Pubs with a modern twist. True beer concierges with interest in the history of beer and tasting can visit Prague’s oldest brewery, U Fleků. The brewery is known for its 13° dark lager, a home-made classic.

3. Na pekarne

When one hears that people take weekend pilgrimages to this restaurant, there must be something to it. Na pekarne is Cakovicky, a small village that requires travelling to get to. The owner, Mr Václav Fric, is an expert at Czech cuisine. They put up daily specials besides the menu. Diners get to interact with the friendly owner and learn more about the food and the history of the place. Ensure to book days ahead to avoid any inconveniences.

4. Choco Café

For sweet tooth foodies, Choco Café is a welcome delight. The family-owned chocolate factory and café serve breakfast, brunch and drinks. They also offer vegetarian cuisines. It is especially popular during the cold season as they provide thick, delicious hot chocolate. They serve a wide range of European style chocolate of about 50 flavours with chilli chocolate as a fan favourite. The hořické trubičky is a traditional option that people who would like to try something more traditional. They also serve beer and cakes.

5. Sisters Bistro

This is a budget place to try out some of the best street food in Prague. As the name suggests, it was started by two sisters with interest in food. Their soups, roast beef and sandwiches are to die for with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options available on the menu. Their staff is friendly and helpful which makes the experience even better. It is right next to Naše Maso so visitors can kill two birds with one stone.

There are many more food places that visitors can try, and many come with high recommendations from the locals. One of the most essential things foodies look for is authentic local cuisines. Locals are friendly and willing to help strangers enjoy the city. Local hosts are for those who reject mass tourism and those who want to discover the real essence of a place and the people that make it alive.

Locals are the key to unlock even the most touristy destination: with them, travellers can rediscover places together in a renewed, respectful and sustainable way. The locals are the key to unlocking the most exciting aspects of the destination’s food landscape, and they are the only ones who can guide a visitor to the best and most authentic venues.