If you have kids then you will know that long car journeys can sometimes be a nightmare when it comes to keeping them entertained. You will also know that if your little ones aren’t sleeping or having some fun then they can start to get frustrated and annoy you as a result, the last thing that you need is a stress-filled car. To help avoid such problems you need to be fully prepared with an armory of entertainment for the kids and here are some tips for how to go about it.


Movie Up

As part of your preparations for your road trip you need to ensure that you have a sufficient number of movies and TV shows up your sleeve for the journey. It is crucial that you have more than you need as kids can often be fussy with what they want to watch, also ensure that you have plenty of battery on your laptop, tablet or DVD player, movie up and charge up before you go to keep the kids quiet and entertained.

Hit the Games

I’m sure that day-to-day you encourage your kids not to spend all of their time playing games, in this situation however, they are a Godsend and will keep them entertained for hours. Naturally you won’t be able to take a games console with you on the trip but a smartphone is sufficient to keep them gaming for much of the journey. I recently found a website called Poki which offers literally hundreds of online game for free that are high quality, super addictive and incredibly varied to suit all ages and interests. Your kids are unlikely to be bored as they can switch between different games with ease. The website does offer a quick ad before each game which is how they can give it to you for free. Your kids will have hours of fun playing games in the car whilst you enjoy some peace with a website like this.

Get Creative

Whilst it is easy for you to simply put a laptop or a smartphone in the hands of your kids to keep them entertained you should also try to spend some time having fun with them with some car games. There are plenty of games available, you could play games where you spot other cars and each of you picks a color, when you see a car of that color, you receive a point and the winner gets a prize. Something else you can do when you are preparing for your trip is to write down things that you may see during your journey and create a checklist for your kids to tick off as they go. It’s amazing how competitive kids can get with simple games such as this and it will also help to pass the time as you travel.

Gift Intervals

A brilliant way to help your kids deal with the time that they spend in the car is to give them gifts on the route at intervals of your choosing, perhaps every 2 hours or something like that. The gifts don’t have to be grand gestures, perhaps some sweets or a small toy or a little game. Doing this will help break up the journey in your kids’ mind into sizable chunks meaning that the trip doesn’t seem like an eternity to them, this is something that has worked wonders for me in the past and I hope that it does for you as well.