A journey of 3 days is really not burdensome – for the tourists, and yet in that time it is possible to see many interesting things if you take Olympos to Oludeniz Cruise. It would not be possible to see so much if you are traveling on the mainland, but the journey by sea is something that saves you time and gives you immense opportunities. Your only job is to start the day happy and smiling, because for a good time on the cruise you all need is a good mood.

On a trip with Gulet, the best is to crack only after fully explored what Olympos can offer you. Be sure that you have already visited the Roman Temple, which is located just in Olympos. These ruins bear witness to the rich past of this place and certainly is worth to visit all the things in which you can enjoy while you are on vacation. The Beydaglari Olympos National Park is a unique site that is definitely very valuable legacy of a Roman emperor. It is part of the Olympos National Park and is therefore a really great cultural value of the area.

Ancient Simena – a small town that will fascinate you

One of the places that we visited during the trip is ancient Simena. This is a small town, or rather village, which Turks call Kalekoy, in short Kale. Since you have decided to take a charter and that you can guide your Gulet where you want, this time you will be in a much better situation than those people on the ground. Joining this city is almost impossible from the side where the land is, and all who want to visit these ruins and explore the remains of the ancient state, need to enter into the city just from the sea side. This is a truly interesting fact, because there are not many cities that are accessed directly from the sea, while the entrance from the mainland is not possible.

In ancient times, Simena was a Lycian site. Sunken ruins that you can see there, are part of the remains of Aperlae, and they represent excellent value of cultural heritage in Turkey. This small city belongs physically to the island Kekova, so even if this place is not something you like, which is really hard, you will have the opportunity to see some other things that may arouse your attention.

Memories of Kas and Butterfly Valley

From the trips offered during your journey, in your memory you will certainly keep the visit to Kas and Butterfly Valley. Time spent in the village of Kas made me feel different, as I though we belong to this place. This fishing village is a place that really has a soul. Everything what you might see, makes deep lines in your life and a sense of comfort and belonging.

Butterfly Valley is also an interesting place, especially for its beauty and diverse butterfly world. Certainly, you will not go to visit this place to hunt for butterflies, but will come with a desire to enjoy the variety of these small and beautiful fliers that will give you permanent transect time during the walk. Enjoy the variety of colors of their wings as they are proudly fluttering from one flower to another. It really is a magic when you encounter a whole flock of butterflies that playfully moves from one end of the valley to the other.

Agreeing to the coast and a visit to Oludeniz

The last breath of your charter will get you in Oludeniz. This is the so-called Blue Lagoon, and in the literary sense this place is called the Dead Sea. The reason for this is the fact that here the sea very calm. Even in times of storm, Oludeniz will be your safe shelter and a part where you can safely swim. Here we combine the two seas, Aegean and Mediterranean, and this place represents the crossroads between two seas. Perhaps this is the reason why the beach of Oludeniz is extremely interesting to tourists and is always preferred place for making the photos and memories. Here you can reach just thanks to Alaturka Fethiye Blue Cruise, because only after interesting sea journey coming in Oludeniz will be a real treat for all.

Written by Aleksandra Prokopovic for Alaturka Cruises