When it comes to booking our holidays we are often fooled into thinking the more expensive the holiday the more luxurious the holiday is going to be, but this isn’t the case. You can still go on a great and fun packed holiday without breaking the bank.


Whether you’re looking for a budget holiday or just a cheap midyear getaway, the world is full of exiting and wonderful places to explore. With so many companies bidding for your custom, picking up a cheap holiday has never been easier.

Here are three fantastic holiday destinations, and although they may be cheap they offer great value for money without compromising quality. They really are 3 of the cheapest places to travel in 2015.

  • Greece

Greece is a great place to visit, and due to the country’s ongoing financial difficulties holidaying here has never been cheaper. Although some famous Greek islands like Mykonos or Santorini are still quite pricey, choosing some of the lesser-known Greek Islands such as Paros can save you heaps of money without affecting the quality of the holiday. So what kind of prices are we looking at for an adventure packed holiday in Greece? To start with you can get an all-inclusive holiday to one of the many Greek islands for less than $450, with beers costing £1-2 per pint and good food costing between £2-3 per meal you can make sure your money goes further whilst lounging around on golden beaches soaking up the sun.

  • Cambodia

This fantastic country should be on everyone’s bucket list, and considering it’s a world away a holiday in Cambodia is a lot cheaper than one may think. This mysterious and magical place which is home to the world famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park can give you great value for money with guest houses offering a bed for the night for as little as $6. Although there are plenty of up market restaurants, you can eat a delicious meal for about $1 when choosing one of the many street vendors that offer cheap roadside meals. And if you like to cool down with a cold beer after exploring, you can get a beer here for 50 cents, yes that’s right just 30 cents.

  • Bulgaria

If lounging around on beaches or visiting ancient archaeological sites isn’t your thing then may be a bustling city trip to Sofia in Bulgaria can wet your appetite. Sofia, the second oldest city in Europe, is stuffed with museums, art galleries, and a great nightlife. These cities has something for everyone, and unlike many other European cities expect to pay at least half the cost, with food, bed and a few beers costing just $30 per day.