The Minstry of Sound is one of the best clubs in London ... photo by CC user 16882531@N06 on Flickr

Heading to London soon, and looking to experience the best of its nightlife? The following spots represent the very best clubs in London in terms of music, their regulars, and the possibility of finding someone to end your evening with in epic fashion (you know what we mean! 😉 ). Check them out below…

1) Ministry of Sound

Ranking as one of the best known clubs in the London scene over the past two decades, the Ministry of Sound has maintained its position in a high turnover industry through its commitment to booking nothing but the best DJ’s in the business, year in and year out.

While many prioritize being able to hear their favorite acts, those looking to stay lubricated with their favorite drink here are well catered for, as there is is no fewer than four bar stations on the premises of this club.

2) Egg London

Can’t make it to Ibiza this summer? If you are in this situation, you can still channel its spirit by spending your nights out at Egg London, which has several design elements that mimic your average club on the infamous Spanish party island.

Of the best features in this regard is its outdoor terrace, which will allow you to dance yourself in to a trance under the night sky. Possessing a 24 hour license, you can party until the sun rises on Sunday morning, so if you’re looking to get your ironman party badge, The Egg is a great place to earn it.

3) Fabric

Lauded by many as one of the greatest clubs in the United Kingdom (and arguably the world), those that love to party hard will have their limits challenged by this intense nightspot.

While many are up to the task of grinding it out all night to its esoteric mix of electro, house and drum and bass, there are leather wrapped mattresses where you can collect yourself, and meet similarly exhausted partiers in the process.

If you somehow manage to strike out in your bid to find a special friend in this unique social situation at Fabric, you could always call up some London escorts to guarantee a happy ending to your evening at this can’t miss nightspot.

4) Heaven

Looking to let your hair down with fabulous looking members of the same sex? When in London, Heaven nightclub is by far the best gay club in the entire city. While there are plenty gay-friendly straight folk that come to take in its outstanding mix of outstanding electro-pop and dance, members of the gay community constitute the lion’s share of patrons here. From drag queens to jocks, guys looking for their type of dude will have a relatively easy time finding them during their time here.