When you think about a cruise, there is a good chance you picture an elderly couple slowly climbing the steps to a big boat that will slowly sail along to warm and sometime exotic locations.  Your think that it will be a boring and lazy trip that is perfect for your grandparents.  You also fear that these will probably boats rock wildly and run the risk of careening headlong into hurricanes while you are tossed from one side of the ship to the other. Finally you think that there will be nothing to do on these ships, so in between the hurricanes, you will be bored to death.

The reality is that nothing can be further from the truth regarding going on a cruise. In fact, whether you are on board a Fred Olsen ship or one from another reputable cruise ship company, you will be safe and have some of the best fun you have ever had on a vacation.

Let’s address some of the biggest misconceptions about going on a cruise:

I will Be Sea Sick the Entire Time

Cruise ships run from big to extremely large size ships, with the biggest being the Royal Caribbean’s floating cities Allure and Oasis that are 360 meters in length, 47 meters wide and have a max crew-passenger capacity of almost 8,500. Because of this the size of a cruise ship, they are not prone to rocking in the water.

In addition, cruise routes are set so that the ship can avoid any rough water. The ship’s crew is always in contact with weather services about any potential rough seas and they will most likely have time in advance to make any course adjustments to avoid rough water.

In the odd event of rough water, or to make you feel even more comfortable, there are sea sickness tablets that do a great job of preventing any queasy feelings you might have from time to time.

Younger People Never Take Cruises

Cruises have gained a reputation of being where older people go to converge and spend time together. The idea is that they are to play playing shuffle board and chess, and drink tomato juice, while they listen to golden oldies by the ships pool.

Actually nothing could be further from the truth regarding today’s cruise ship passengers. Today there are many types of cruises available to appeal to all kinds of people. Yes, a lot of elderly people do go on cruises, and there are specific cruise lines which target older people, but there are just as many cruises catering to families or young people.  You can choose the type of cruise you want to travel on and the type of people with whom to interact. There are even cruises for just for singles looking to mingle.

There is Nothing to Do on a Cruise

Cruise ships will usually spend several days out to sea and so the ship will be your only source of entertainment. Not to worry, a good many cruise ships have every modern entertainment amenity available, from movie cinemas, to bowling alleys, to fully equipped gyms. They offer exercise classes, climbing walls, and some even have cooking classes. There are spas, cafes, restaurants, night clubs and places to watch live bands, in addition to several pools, some with surf simulators.

In other words, just about any entertainment option you have on land, you can probably find on a cruise ship. And for the smaller ships that do not have the full list of entertainment amenities, they have a crew that is trained to keep guests entertained throughout the journey. The best part is that because you are a part of the cruise it is easier to make new friends that you can share experiences with and make new memories.

So now you know the truth about cruise ships. They are an all-inclusive way to have a great vacation, no matter your age, and whether you are traveling with a family or solo.