London is among the Best UK Holiday Destinations for twentysomethings ... photo by CC user fotofan1 on pixabay

Photo by CC user fotofan1 on pixabay


There’s no denying that London is the most fascinatingly diverse city in Britain (and Europe as well), and what many visitors to London find attractive is the way that many parts of the city are geared towards particular interests. Oxford Street is a Mecca for shoppers, the district of Soho is synonymous with adult entertainment, and Camden in north London retains a Bohemian atmosphere with its many markets.

Many other London districts have similar claims to fame, and exploring London is an exhausting but rewarding and fulfilling activity. For great pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and cafés in which to meet locals as well as visitors from all over the world, London is unbeatable.


Flamboyant, eccentric and full of surprises, Brighton is one of Britain’s most attractive destinations for those who have a zest for life. With no shortage of pubs, cafés, and with more restaurants per head than anywhere else in Britain apart from London, the city offers a dazzling array of food, drink and live entertainment.

While it’s no secret that Britain as a whole gets less than its fair share of good weather, Brighton, thanks to its south coast location is a happy exception, and Brighton Beach is the place to head for on sunny summer days. lt’s lively, colourful, and there’s lots to do apart from just sunbathing and swimming.

Brighton Beach does tend to get quite crowded during the summer months, so for those who prefer a quieter time, September is the best month to visit. It’s far less crowded, and there’s still a fair amount of decent weather around.


Inverness is an ancient Scottish town recently upgraded to ‘city’ status. The two great attractions of Inverness for visitors are its traditional culture and its location in the far north of Scotland. Inverness is an ideal base for those who love to spend time outdoors during the day and return ‘home’ to a hot meal in the welcoming atmosphere of a traditional pub, especially one that features traditional Scottish music or even a full-blown Scottish ceilidh with dancing and drinking in equal measure.

Inverness is within easy driving distance of Loch Ness, the Grampian and Cairngorm mountain ranges and the North Sea. There are plenty of outdoor activities available, from sailing to mountain climbing, and wise visitors ensure their travel insurance UK is adequate in case of accidents.


After years of political troubles, Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, has emerged as a peaceful, friendly and fascinating destination for visitors. Due to its unique mixture of British and Irish cultures, the city is rich in history and art, and Belfast’s Ulster Museum is not only a great place to see the history of ancient Ireland and elsewhere, it’s completely free to enter.

Music, also, is taken seriously in Belfast, and there’s plenty of live entertainments pubs and venues throughout the city catering to all musical tastes, from classical and traditional Celtic music to hard rock and rap.