There are many reasons as to why Northern Ireland is considered a must-see destination for tourists around the world. Northern Ireland has indeed made a comeback for itself over the years, and it now rebounded economically and culturally after The Good Friday Agreement, which was a power-sharing contract that was seeking to promote and foster peace and cooperation. Even in times of heartache for Northern Ireland, this location has always been high ranking on the sightseeing agenda for many and the scenery here is equally as beautiful as the stunning photos which you have seen.

Northern Ireland Attractions

Many different attractions have tourists flocking from all parts of the world. These attractions are magnificent and will have you feeling like you are in a dream. The power-sharing government of Ulster (Northern Ireland) has invested in creating these attractions appealing to all visitors.

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is Northern Ireland’s only U.N.E.S.C.O World Heritage Site that features polygonal-shaped natural features that were created as a result of a volcanic eruption some 60 million years ago. This destination is the prime focus of visitors that is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This location is famed around the columns of beautifully layered basalt that was constructed during three distinct periods of volcanic action. The layers that were formed are referred to as the Lower, the Middle and the Upper Basalts. Of the three layers, the Middle Basalt rock is famous for amphitheatres of columns that are shaped like hexagons.

According to legend; however, The Giant’s Causeway was carved out by a mighty giant by the name of Finn McCool. It is said that he left behind his ancient home to go to battle with his enemy, Benandonner, in Scotland. This location is known by many in a variety of names to include: The Giant’s Boot, The Camel, The Organ, The Wising Chair and much more. Depending on the time of year that you visit with Allen’s Tours, and the weather, you may even be able to see Scotland in the distance.

Northern Ireland Beaches

Some of the most gorgeous beaches in Europe are located in Northern Ireland. These beaches feature naturally stunning formations of the coastline that are complimented with long stretches of golden sand and fabulous sand dunes. The beaches of Northern Ireland are the perfect locations for family fun, water sports, picnics, and barbecues. As of 2015, ten of the beaches and two marinas in Northern Ireland received the international Blue Flag with indicates first class facilities on the location as well as the highest possible standards of water quality. An additional ten beaches have already received the UK-wide Seaside Award, which indicates resort and rural beaches characterized by good water quality provided to visitors.

Forests and Parks in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland features numerous magnificent forests in its majestic landscape and country parks that are open to the public. There are also many fine public parks within the towns and cities that bring much attention from visitors. There are many places in which visitors can enjoy the wide open spaces of Northern Ireland to take a stroll and have the opportunity to get away from the stressors of life and the crowds of the city. You and your family can choose from a number of locations such as Bog Meadows Nature Reserve, Lagan Valley Regional Park and the Kilbroney Park.

Game of Thrones Filming Locations

If you and your family are in love with the HBO series, Game of Thrones, you are in luck. In Northern Ireland, you will be able to visit the various locations that the television series was filmed. You and your family will be able to experience the television series like no other and introduce yourself to the exact locations that hold the excitement of the characters. You can even download an application that will provide you with information about each location that you visit where the series was filmed. Photography from the show and directions to filming sights are also available through this very useful application.

Many different locations draw a variety of tourists to Northern Ireland. The above activities and locations are just a few adventures that you and your family can enjoy while vacationing to this beautiful location. There are also zoos, museums, and gardens that you can enjoy during your stay. You and your family will undoubtedly be amazed at what Northern Ireland has to offer and provide to you.