The unfortunate truth of traveling alone as a female is that you are more likely to run into problems than as a male solo traveler. It is a sad fact but one which cannot be ignored and records show that a women traveling alone is in far more danger of being assaulted, robbed or worse than the chances of the same thing happening to a man. This is not to say however, that women should not travel alone and if you have this opinion then know that you are only allowing these criminals to win if you decide not to go traveling. With this being said, women must take plenty of precautions when they go traveling and here are some tips on staying safe out there in the world.

Meeting Up

When you are on the road it makes great sense to meet up with people, this goes for both men and women but for women there is an added benefit of security. You can download one a great solo travel app which will instantly connect you with other travelers in your vicinity, there are plenty on the market to choose from. Getting together with other travelers allows you to meet more people, enjoy new experiences and most importantly, stay safer.

Avoiding Danger

When it comes to avoiding risk, it is about being smart and taking sensible decisions when you are out and about. For example, you shouldn’t walk in dark places at night, you should be well informed of high crime areas and avoid them as well as being careful who you speak to and what about. Common sense is the best rule of thumb here and if you are in a situation that just doesn’t feel right, then get out of that situation. It is better to mistrust someone who can in fact be trusted than to trust someone who cannot.

Clothing Choices

When it comes to the clothing which you wear, you must make sensible decisions and respect other cultures and traditions. Wearing revealing clothing in a country like India for example would be frowned on and could potentially make you a target. The best way to stay safe when traveling is to try and blend in, advertising who you are or the fact that you are foreign, could very well paint an unwanted bullseye on your back.


Make sure that you are constantly in touch with friends and family to let them know where you are and what plans you have. Should the worst situation occur and you go missing, this will help out a great deal in terms of finding you safely. It may feel like a bit of a nag to constantly be alerting people to what your plans are but doing so will increase your chances of staying safe.

It is an extremely sad situation that solo female travelers have a far greater risk of violence, theft or attacks than males but if you act smart when you are traveling, you can greatly reduce any risks which exist.