Are you someone who can’t get enough of taking road trips?

If the answer to that question is yes, are you doing most or all of those road trips in your own vehicle or a rental?

In the event you use your own car or truck, it is even more important that you have as much safety technology available as possible.

Keep in mind that many rental cars these days come with a host of different safety features, one of which is backup camera systems. As a result, drivers have a much easier time figuring just who might be behind them at any given moment on the road or in a parking lot etc.

That said backup camera systems are but one of the important safety features any vehicle you drive should offer.

Another one to look for would be collision-avoidance systems.

Such systems help drivers be alerted to potential lane departures and even possible collisions with other drivers and/or objects.

With these two systems and various other safety features any newer vehicle you get behind the wheel of should protect you better than even something offered five years ago.

So, with technology and some commonsense, will your road trips prove to be as safe as possible?

Don’t Turn a Road Trip into a Disaster

From safety on your vehicle of choice to making sure you obey the rules of the road, here are four tips to help you avoid turning a road trip into a disaster:

  1. Commonsense – For starters, don’t turn your brain off just because you’re on a road trip. Sure, you are happy to get away from work and/or the everyday dealings of home, but you still need to think. This is especially true when you get behind the wheel. If there is inclement weather, give yourself plenty of space between other vehicles. Also make sure you give yourself enough time to get to your next destination without having to drive like a lunatic. Tricky weather conditions are bad enough, driving unsafely makes them even more dangerous. Lastly, don’t get into a road rage episode with one or more drivers. If someone wants to be a fool on the roads with the way they are driving, let them go and steer clear of them;
  2. Alcohol – Even though you may think you can handle your liquor, it only takes one drink for some people to make driving an adventure, notably not a good one at that. Whether you are off for a weekend venture to Las Vegas or you’re headed for a cross-country trip with plenty of stops in between, never drink and drive.

Is Your Vehicle Properly Maintained?

  1. Maintenance – Whether using your vehicle or opting for a rental instead, it is important to have it inspected before leaving for a road trip. If it is a rental car, the rental provider will likely tell you that all is fine and go on and have a great trip. Make sure things such as the tires are reviewed (proper tire pressure, enough tread etc.) and all fluid levels are checked. Although vehicles can break down at any moment, make sure the one you’re driving is thoroughly checked before it hits the roads;
  2. Health – Finally, make sure you are properly fit for driving, especially if this entails a long road trip. Going from your daily eight hour routine at the office to driving eight or more hours a day during a road trip getaway is quite a change for the body. Also make sure you never drive while drowsy. It only takes a few seconds of nodding off for you to see your life change in front of you, not to mention the lives of others.

If a road trip is in your near future, make it the safest one possible.

By doing so, you’ll hopefully have lots of great memories of it for years to come.