Everyone loves getting away for a weekend, but not everyone likes to figure out logistics, such as where they will get away to and what they will do once they have gotten away. Especially when it comes to a vacation hot spot like Las Vegas, many travelers balk at the overload of opportunities in their chosen destination. However, a failure to plan will only result in a supremely unrewarding stay-cation at home while more prepared travelers get to enjoy the delights of Sin City.


Fortunately, you might be lazy, but you aren’t stupid. Just for completing a cursory web search, you have discovered a complete guide to making your trip to Vegas fun, refreshing, and utterly easy. Just follow these simple steps, and you will have the weekend of your dreams on the Strip.

Step 1: Find Somewhere to Stay 

Your requirements for your Vegas accommodations should be simple:

  • Inexpensive. You are going to be spending enough at the clubs and casinos. You don’t need to waste your cash on the penthouse suite in an inappropriately high-dollar resort.
  • Luxurious. This is Vegas, which means luxury comes cheap. There’s no reason to rough it when you can get marble and goose down in a budget hotel.
  • Close to the action. The more time you spend trying to reach the good clubs and casinos, the less time you have to enjoy them. Closer is better.

Fortunately, this combination isn’t difficult to find on the Strip. Unlike other vacation destinations where you are better off booking dingy motels straightaway, the big Las Vegas resorts are always eager to fill one of their rooms, so prices are usually unbelievably fair considering the quality of accommodations. You can probably afford a space in one of the top 10 hotels in Las Vegas for your weekend away.

Step 2: Find Stuff to Eat 

You might be surprised to learn that many foodies flock to Vegas. As one amidst the small handful of U.S. cities with a three Michelin star–rated restaurant, Vegas’s food scene is certainly of superior quality. That said, you don’t need to make reservations for every meal during the weekend. Here are some quick suggestions for the best places to grab a bite:

  • When you want something exotic and fast: Le Thai, the best Thai food place in a city full of amazing Thai food places.
  • When you want to see what Michelin ratings are about: Joel Robuchon, a gourmet French establishment that has earned its three stars and then some.
  • When you just need good coffee: Coffee Hunter, a new Pacific Northwest–inspired espresso bar with a Vegas twist.
  • When you want the Las Vegas schmaltz: Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho, which has surprisingly good fake Mexican food, considering who owns the place.
  • When you can’t decide what you want: Wicked Spoon, a premium buffet inside the Cosmopolitan.

Step 3: Find Stuff to Do During the Day

Let’s be honest: In Vegas, the earliest you are likely to wake up is about noon, so it’s not like you need to plan eight hours’ worth of daytime activities. In fact, for the most part, it is probably healthiest for you to rest and relax poolside with some simple food and plenty of water to drink. However, there might be one day when you aren’t too hungover to explore Las Vegas in the daylight, and in that case, you will need some ideas:

  • The Stratosphere Tower. This place is a veritable amusement park, with four high-flying rides designed to give you amazing views of Las Vegas while you speed through the air.
  • The Royal Links. Las Vegas’s warm, dry climate makes it the perfect golf destination. This convenient club brings together top-rated courses from the British Isles.
  • The Springs Preserve. Take a break from the light and sound with a stroll through Vegas’s natural landscape. There are more than 300 interactive exhibits to keep you engaged (read: awake).
  • The Neon Museum. If you ever wondered what happens to the retired Las Vegas signs, you can find out here. You might also head to the Mob Museum to learn about organized crime in Sin City.

Step 4: Find Stuff to Do at Night

Las Vegas truly comes alive at night. When darkness falls, literally thousands of attractions and activities open for business. There are theatrical shows, musical performances, bars, clubs, rides, games, tours, markets, and so much more. Thus, even the laziest travelers must decide for themselves where to go and what to see after the sun sets.