A mini-cruise is one many Quick getaways you'll never forget
Photo by CC user Joël Marssy on Wikimedia Commons

Yearn to travel, but just don’t have the time to get away from home? Fortunately, most of us still get weekends off, and when you combine them with statutory holidays and the ability to take personal days in some jobs, the quick getaway is still a possibility that is very much within your reach.

Below, we’ll share a few ideas that will bust you out of your routine, if only for a few days.

1) Go on a short cruise

Of all the vacations that people go on, cruises are considered to be the pinnacle of relaxation. A boat that takes you to world-class destinations while plying you with plenty of food, drink, and TLC along the way, many aspire to this mode of travel.

If you pine to do this, but you don’t have enough vacation time left for the year, don’t lose heart, as you can still go on a romantic mini cruise.

Lasting a maximum of  five days at their longest, mini-cruises can also be as short as an overnight journey, making them suitable for busy professional couples that have a hard time getting away from even one consecutive week at a time.

2) A city break to an alpha world city like NYC

For the urbanites among us, relaxation isn’t diffused by the busyness of a city sidewalk, it is enhanced by it.

If this describes you, then investing in a pair of round-trip air tickets to an exciting metropolis like New York City, Paris, or Tokyo will make you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

A solid 36-48 hours worth of eating massive NY pizza slices, exploring essential Parisian cultural institutions, and taking in the subtle yet amazing differences that Tokyo boasts will have you plotting out your next weekend travel adventure on the plane ride back home.

3) Glamping in a nearby national park

For those that prefer to seek solace in the comforting arms of nature, spending a weekend in a national park is superior to going on a city break.

This doesn’t mean you have to rough it though, as there many major parks have set up premium sites in their campgrounds with structures designed to appeal to glampers.

A fancy way to sleep in a natural setting, this form of camping makes use of everything from thick canvas tents to tiny homes to house those that can’t see themselves sleeping on an air mat in a conventional tent.

Interiors are built to resemble a bedroom at home, with comfortable mattresses, night tables, and even self-contained toilets.