Chile is a destination that offers a diverse range of activities and incredible scenery for visitors to enjoy. The natural topography and climate of Chile means visitors can participate in any outdoor activity they enjoy, like hiking, swimming, surfing and skiing. But there are also world class restaurants in the cosmopolitan cities hip Chileans call home, and nightlife that parallels that in any big city. Here are five of the top reasons that any Chile travel guide would recommend visitors see:

  1. You Can Experience Diverse Weather in One Trip

Chile is the world’s longest country, running for thousands of miles along the side of the South American continent. Because the country is so long, it is home to a diverse range of climates. Southern parts of the country experience snow and cold temperatures thanks to the proximity to the South Pole, while the northern part of the country is closer to the equator and stays warmer. It is one of the only countries where you can climb a glacier and lay on a soft, white beach, all in the same trip.

  1. See Natural Wonders Unlike Those in Any Other Country

Chile has a wealth of unique wonders, perfect for taking any amount of selfies in front of. Visitors can see some of the highest mountain peaks, white sand beaches, jungle wildlife and glaciers all within the borders of the same country. There are many national parks and wildlife preservation areas devoted to keeping these areas pristine so visitors can enjoy them for generations to come.

  1. See and Visit a Real Life Jungle

With jungles around the world growing even rarer and harder to visit, Chile is a great place to see some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna. The jungles here can be lush, untouched and dense, so a local guide can be key to enjoying the experience.

  1. Get to Experience a Cosmopolitan South American City

Though there is a wealth of nature to explore, Chile also offers visitors a chance to enjoy all the spoils of city life. Santiago de Chile is a densely populated city in the country’s main valley with plenty to do and see. Established many hundreds of years ago, there are beautiful examples of classic Art Deco architecture and modern buildings interspersed. The Gran Torre Santiago, which stands out in the city skyline, is the tallest building in Latin America.

  1. Relax On The White Sand Beaches

With over 6000 kilometers of coastline running along the Pacific Ocean, visitors to Chile are never far from one of the country’s white sand beaches. These areas are world famous with surfers, who await the tall waves with the sunrise each morning. With soft sands and gorgeous blue water, these beaches rival those in any tropical paradise.

Chile is a great place to vacation, whether you are a history buff, nature lover or extreme sports fan. As visitors venture across the country, they are sure to find many more reasons to keep visiting the country again and again.