Ready for a Venture to Brazil? With sights like this, you had better be! :)
Photo by CC user Rafael Rabello de Barros on Wikimedia Commons

Of all the places you could travel to in the world, have you thought before about Brazil?

With a country of more than 200 million people, Brazil offers something for just about everyone.

That said are you ready for a venture to Brazil?

Getting Your Plans in Order

So that you might make Brazil your next vacation destination, here are a few things to consider when planning your trip:


  • Times of the year – What time of the year are you considering a trip to Brazil? Keep in mind that the weather in Brazil is the opposite that of the U.S. Summer in Brazil is the winter months here in the U.S. and vice-versa. For Americans perhaps thinking about going to Brazil in February, that is typically the hottest month there. It is also a very popular month, what with the famed Brazilian Carnival hosting a weeklong celebration every year;

  • Things to do – As mentioned a moment ago, the carnival is one of the world’s most famous celebrations, so if you don’t mind large crowds, this could be right up your alley. Along with the sizable crowds, expect to pay some more when it comes to flights, hotels, restaurants, taxi service etc. Rio, which has been hosting the 2016 Olympic Games, has a variety of attractions that should certainly keep you entertained. If you want to head outside the city and get a little more wildlife in your trip, there is of course the famed Amazon. Truly one of the great sceneries in all of the world, a journey into the Amazon is one that will not be forgotten anytime soon;

  • Changes from back home – Although English is spoken in Brazil, the official language of the country is Portuguese. As for money, the Brazilian real is the official currency. Like any trip you take, keeping in touch (if necessary) with your local embassy is always advised. As noted earlier, always remember the difference in the time of year related to the weather. If you are planning a summertime vacation to Brazil, while you won’t be shoveling snow, you also won’t hit the country at its peak time of the year as far as warm temperatures;

  • Traveling with family – In the event this is a family trip with younger kids, you don’t want the little ones to be bored while mom and dad are having a party. Work with your travel company to make sure you plan some events that the children can enjoy too;

  • Neighbors – As much as there is to do in Brazil, you have neighboring countries that might be worth including on your South American jaunt. From Argentina to Chile and numerous other spots, consider making your trip a little bit longer, allowing you to visit more than just Brazil. Being one of the largest countries in the world, Brazil certainly can keep you occupied, but if you’re not sure if you will get back to this corner of the world anytime soon, you may want to visit as many countries in the region as possible.


Although many consumers have to watch their spending habits more closely these days due to a challenging economy, there plenty of opportunities for some great travel deals just make sure you know where to look for them.

If you have friends or family members regularly traveling the world, tap into their knowledge on how to save money, yet make a Brazil trip one of the best experiences ever.

You can (and should) also do some research on the Internet, giving you a better idea of what possibilities exist for an affordable and yet fun trip to one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations.

Lastly, be sure to educate yourself on Brazil before going there, making it a more enjoyable time when all is said and done.

From knowing the best spots to see to how to better appreciate the culture and traditions you will be partaking in during your stay, be an educated traveler from the moment you set foot in the country.

So whether you are headed to Brazil to make your own Olympic gold moments in Rio or an unforgettable trip down the Amazon, are you ready for your venture?