Whether you are a first time visitor to the United Kingdom or a resident, spending a weekend in England’s pastoral country can be one of life’s great pleasures. Here are some tips for you, your significant other, or your whole family on how to spend a delightful weekend in the english countryside.

English countrysideStay at a Farm
One of the latest trends in vacations is “Farm Stays.” Farm Stays allow travelers who want a break from the stresses of the city to relax at a working farm. Depending on the farm, guests will have the opportunity to interact with livestock, see how crops are grown, and of course sample the locally grown food. Rather than simply looking at beautiful landscapes, staying at a farm will let you interact with the environment and feel more a part of the community you are staying. If you are trying to figure out how to spend a delightful weekend in the English countryside that will be educational, fulfilling, and a relaxing change of pace, check out a farm stay.

Bring a Loved One
For many people a trip to the countryside is a great way to rekindle a romance. The couple who chooses to spend a romantic weekend in a luxury cottage in the English countryside can expect a truly relaxing experience. A chance to slow down your day to day life and connect (or reconnect) with your partner.  While the views of pastures and cows out the window may make you feel like you are ruffing it, the many luxury cottages will make you feel much more like a Downton Abbey resident. With modern appliances and charming decor, the views inside these cottages are often near as lovely as the views outside. So if you are ready for a romantic getaway with your special someone, head towards a luxury cottage in the English countryside.

Get There in Style
They say the journey is as important as the destination, so why not make your trip to the English countryside even more memorable by renting a vintage car or motorcycle. Whether you want the quirky cuteness of a retro Mini Cooper, the James Bond appeal of an Aston Martin, or the roar of a British made Triumph motorcycle, picking up something retro will add a definite bit of character to your trip. By skipping the bus or train, you will also give yourself the freedom to explore the countryside as you go; stop in at a strange roadside pub or lunch at a local farmer’s market. Also, be prepared to make plenty of new friends if you are driving an eye-catching car as it will be a conversation starter to most who see it. Perhaps you will even get some local tips on what to do while you are in the English countryside.

So whether you picture you and your spouse cruising through the country in a convertible or smiling as your kids learn how to milk a cow at a farm stay, there are plenty of ways to have a delightful weekend in the English countryside.