John H. Binkley Jr. has achieved professional and personal success. He is the founder of Generational Equity, a successful firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions consulting. He is also the chancellor for the Phoenix University of Theology International. The man is also an established and respected author, world traveler and leadership consultant. However, all this success would still be nothing if John Binkley Dallas did not his missionary work. Indeed, serving God and spreading His Word is what motivates John Binkley every morning to get out of bed.


Small Town Beginnings

Born and raised in Live Oak, Florida, John Binkley enjoyed a quiet, small town upbringing. His community bestowed upon him its Christian faith and small town and family values. However, John Binkley was dreaming of bigger plans. He wanted to see the world and enjoy all it has to offer. He wanted to open his eyes. So after he graduated from the Southern Methodist University Edwin L. Cox School of Business, he continued his education to receive his PhD on Theology from the Phoenix University of Theology International in 2000, where today he is the chancellor. Presently he lives in with his family in Dallas, Texas, where he enjoys fishing and golfing. He is also a loyal supporter of the Texas Longhorns of the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

John H. Binkley Jr.’s Missionary Work

A devout Christian, John Binkley is always eager to teach as well as learn the true Word of God. While attending the Phoenix University for his doctorate degree, John Binkley was fortunate to have the opportunity to go on several missionary trips abroad, and these trips convinced him that he had so much more to offer the world than just his business acumen and all the material wealth he has acquired over the years. Indeed, John Binkley grew to believe that poverty does not solely mean lack of finances. There are also systemic and spiritual kinds of poverty. Over two decades, he has planted churches, participated in potable water wells digs, train local ministers and educated numerous people in some of the world’s most poverty-stricken areas.

John H. Binkley Jr.’s Life Philosophy

Always eager to expose himself to different cultures, meet new people, and dive into new ideas, John Binkley had been to several different continents: Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, as well as North America. He believes that it actually takes a lifetime for one to finish education, so this means that everybody should stay curious no matter what. Throughout all his life, John Binkley has always been a God-fearing man. He strongly believes that through God’s grace and instruction, he can make the world a better place. This was what drove him in 2007 to write his book “Character is King: God’s Destination for You”, which is now required reading in the Phoenix University of Theology International’s Master’s and Doctorate degree programs. John Binkley would continue to do God’s Work as long as God wills him so.