If you like to have a little gamble at an online casino or at real money pokies for Australians then now is the perfect time to switch things up a little. Even if you don’t think that the sportsbook is for you, the FIFA World Cup actually provides you with a great opportunity to have some fun and potentially win some money.

Now of course there are no guarantees of winning when you bet, but we can share with you some smart tips on how to increase your chances. When you hit the casino online real money could be won at the sportsbook, and here is how to boost your chances.

Using Offers and Promos

Big events like the World Cup mean plenty of new customers for the sportsbooks. In order to maximize the number of new clients that the sportsbooks count on, they opt to introduce new offers and promotions for these new clients, and in some cases for existing clients too. You may find bet odds boosted, perhaps even you can find deposit bonuses that match whatever you put in. This is a great way to give yourself an extra chance of making some money.

Using In-Play Options

One of the best developments in the world of online gaming in recent years has been that of in-play betting. This allows you to place a bet even after the game has started. Naturally, odds do continue to change based on probability, yet it gives you the chance to see how the event is going before you decide to part with any money. Betting after the first whistle is only half of the fun, however, because cashing out is also a great feature of in-play betting. Let’s say that you back team A to win, and you stand to win $50 if they do. Now if they are 1-0 up going into a nervy final 10 minutes, you may find that you can cash out $35. This means that you get $15 less but it also means that you can safely get out of a bet that could possibly lose if it goes to 1-1.

Backing the Underdog

If you have already had a bit of success and find yourself in profit, it is well worth having a little flutter on an underdog, given how frequently they cause upsets in this particular competition. We have already seen Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and Germany lose to Japan, two big surprises. Given that we are only just a couple of days into the tournament, it goes to show how easily these can happen. Backing the underdog gives you some tasty odds that could see you win big.

And finally, always be sure that you look to slowly build a cash pot as the tournament goes on. Look at this as a marathon and not a sprint, so that you can take smaller risks and look to gradually increase your cash pot as the competition continues. In doing this you can bet more money on high-probability results, rather than taking big risks.