Whether you have plans to backpack across multiple locations or you plan to spend a good chunk of time in a hub city, you are likely to meet groups of fellow travelers as you go. In fact, some of the best nights out that you are going to have when traveling is when you throw together a good number of people who don’t know each other and see how things go. Should you find yourself organizing this kind of event, here are some ideas that should keep everyone happy. 

Casino Visit

A lot of people from around the world love to gamble online at the likes of https://www.australianonlinecasinosites.com/online-pokies/ or in some of the best high roller casinos around the world. If you meet up with a new group this could be a great option. There is something about a casino that disarms people, perhaps because of the buzz or maybe just the fact that it is a different kind of activity to get involved with. Most casinos are free to enter so even those without any money can still enjoy their time. 


It is all well and good sitting at a table eating and drinking, but for some people, this can be a bit boring or a little too pressurized. Having an activity to get involved in is more likely to help break the ice between everyone, and bowling is just about as good as it gets. Even the least athletic can enjoy a game of bowling, and there are tools available to help those who don’t have much confidence. A game of bowling can be as long or short as you make it, and the more you play the more you are sure to get to know everyone. 

Enjoy a Games Night

If one of you is happy to host, a good, old-fashioned board games night can be great fun. See if you can get one or two board games for the night, or make up your own. For example, there are games like charades and Pictionary which can be played without the need for boards and pieces. Ultimately those who turn up to this kind of night will be those who are up for some fun, which just leaves one person to host the evening. Make sure that everyone contributes when it comes to food and drinks. 

Food Market

If you are going to head out for a meal, try and avoid picking a restaurant, and instead seek out one of those food markets with multiple businesses under one roof. This will ensure that everyone gets something that they enjoy, and it will also help people to buddy up. For example, if there are a couple of curry lovers in the group, they may strike up a bond about other things they like, based on their shared love of the Indian dish. This is just one example of how people may get on at this kind of place. 

These are some ideas to consider before you head out with a new group.