Traveling is something that everyone should consider doing at least a few times in their lives. Vacations out of state or even to Europe are great experiences that expose you to different cultures and broaden your horizons. 


However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. From delays in air travel to being a victim of a scam or theft, you need to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself, your loved ones and your valuables when you’re on vacation. 


Leave the Unnecessary Valuables at Home 


While you may never take the antique brooches your aunt left you off when you’re at home, is it really a good idea to take something so valuable and full of memories with you on vacation? After all, you’re on vacation so whether you’re swimming, skiing or taking a hike, that brooch isn’t going to be with you everywhere you go. It’s best to leave the unnecessary valuables at home, where you’re pretty certain they’re going to be safe. 


Buy a Combination Lock 


A combination lock is a great way to keep your valuables safe. Make sure that you don’t lock your check bag or airport security will break your lock to check the contents. You can get around this by purchasing a TSA approved combination lock instead, but only in the US, other countries might be different. However, you can use the lock to keep your bags safe whenever you’re out of your hotel room. 


Don’t Use a Wallet


If at all possible, don’t use a wallet during your travels or at your vacation spot. Having a wallet in your jeans pocket or coat can easily lead to you being pickpocketed, and never realizing it until it’s too late. 


There are tips for keeping your wallet safe, such as keeping it in your front pocket or attaching a chain to it, but those aren’t foolproof. It’s best just to leave the wallet at home and keep your money and credit cards on you. 


Use a Money Belt Instead 


Instead of bringing your wallet, purchase a money belt instead. It’s important not to pack it with too much or you’ll have a noticeable bulge under your coat or shirt that any criminal intent on taking your money could easily spot. 


Don’t Walk Around With Expensive Items 


Thieves have an uncanny knack for spotting tourists in a crowd and that’s who they will focus on. It’s best not to walk around with expensive items, such as cameras draped around your neck or a bunch of jewelry. That makes you a target for thieves, and much worse if you try to fight. In areas that have a high population of tourists and a police presence, it’s not as bad, but even then it’s best to pull your camera out, use it, and tuck it back away until later. 


Wear Your Backpack in the Front 


Backpacks are indispensable when on a trip, but they can easily be unzipped without you knowing it, and the next thing you know everything from your money to your camera is gone. You can prevent this by wearing your backpack in the front, that way you can keep it close and not hanging behind you. 


Be Vigilant 


While you’re on vacation to have a good time, it’s always a good idea to be vigilant. Have fun, but keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. If you feel that you’re in danger, head straight to the local authorities and report the incident. 


These are just a few ways that you can protect your valuables when on vacation. You’re there to have fun, but you need to be safe as well.