Millennials might be grabbing all of the headlines for their travel exploits, but let’s not forget that travelling is for all ages and it is not exclusively for the younger generation!

On the contrary, interest in travel is peaking amongst all age groups. Unfortunately, there are a few more considerations to take into play when you do venture abroad in your latter years, which is where today’s article comes into play.

As such, arm yourself with some over 50s travel insurance, sit back and take in the following warning signs that you need to pay attention to as you choose your next getaway.

Warning sign #1 – It’s too hot

First and foremost, as much as a beach break might be high on your agenda, you should exercise this option with caution.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of sun, but as the media keep reminding us older people are more susceptible to a host of heat-related conditions. Some of these can prompt some serious implications so if you are looking towards a week on the beach, we would at least urge that you turn to one of the milder seasons where you are unlikely to be met by nigh-on 40-degree heat.

Warning sign #2 – It’s too cold

Following the previous point, this next one should not come as a surprise. As the media also like to keep telling us, the elderly can be more at risk when it’s too cold as well.

Admittedly, when it comes to vacations, these concerns probably aren’t quite as valid. However, if you are looking towards something like a mountain holiday, try and ensure that it’s completely accessible. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to navigate around slippery roads through your break – it’s the complete opposite of relaxing and not what a getaway should be about.

Warning sign #3 – It’s a party hotspot

Some of you might like this next point but on the whole, most elderly travelers do try and avoid the party hotspots.

This is all about researching your resort of hotel accordingly and if you find that it does attract clubbers, be prepared to follow their sleeping patterns into the early hours.

Warning sign #4 – You’re on floor 9 (or higher)

OK, so while you can’t predict what floor a hotel is going to house you on, you can do a bit of research into the establishment itself.

In the UK, we’re quite blessed when it comes to accessibility. We are blessed by some quite strict laws, which mean that hotels have to make it as easy as possible for visitors to get from one level to another.

Unfortunately, these rules don’t necessarily apply abroad. It means that you can be plonked on the top floor, and have to climb umpteen flights of stairs to get there.

As such, do your research and find out if the hotel in question is truly accessibly for all visitors.