A trip to Disney World is a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and especially your kids. North America’s most famous theme park truly does have something for everyone, whether its the golf course or the water parks or one of the hundreds of other experiences on offer.


It’s impossible not to have fun at Disney World, but first time visitors can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. Don’t worry though, because with a few quick pointers you’ll easily get the most out of your trip.

What’s there?

The first thing visitors need to realize is that Disney World isn’t just one theme park but in fact encompasses four main parks together with two water parks, a variety of golf courses, the Downtown Disney Shopping Area and various hotels and places to eat. However it’s the four Disney theme parks which are the main attractions – namely, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, each of which offers its own fun activities and adventures.

We suggest taking some time to research each of the main theme parks and what they offer so you can better plan your trip, taking into account your family’s budget and how long you plan to stay at Disney World.

Decide where you’re going to stay

This part is crucial. Visitors have the option of staying on-site at one of several Disney World-themed hotels, which range from family budget to romantic five-star suites for newly weds. There are more than twenty on-site hotels to choose from, but these aren’t your only option. Many visitors prefer to stay in one of the hundreds of Orlando hotels located off-site, but still within easy distance of the theme park. If you stay outside the park you’ll almost certainly find cheaper lodgings, but be sure to ask about transportation from your hotel to the Disney World site. Many hotels provide shuttle bus services, but some do not.

Buy your tickets ahead of time

It might be a surprise for some, but did you know you can pre-buy your Disney World tickets? By doing so, you can get big discounts on a variety of package deals and entrance tickets to the theme park. The price can change at any time, but if you purchase your tickets early you’ll lock in the price. The same applies for flights to Disney World too – most airlines offer big discounts if you book a few weeks or months in advance.

The same is true for the various activities on offer at Disney World. Many events and activities, such as cruises, character dining, golf, and special events such as the Cirque du Soleil are fully booked up to six months in advance, so planning is crucial if you want to make the most of your trip.


Watch some Disney movies prior to your arrival

This might sound silly but it’s a great idea to get your kids up to speed. Sit down as a family and watch as many Disney movies as you can. That way, your kids will be a lot more familiar with the variety of attractions on offer when they arrive, such as the “Swiss Family Robinson” house at the Magic Kingdom. When they see it with their own eyes, you can guarantee they’ll be much more excited.

Get ready for some fun!

Don’t forget, that’s what your here for! Disney World is meant to be a fun adventure for all the family, so don’t lament if you don’t have time to visit everything. Plan ahead to ensure no headaches when you arrive.