This is it: you’ve done all the planning, you have countless times pictured yourself on the strip with your friends, all the reservations have been made, all the tickets have been bought, now you just board a plane and voila! You find yourself in the Mecca of the gambling world; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

But wait! Sure, Vegas is an international dream for this kind of activity and has to be included on any list for casino destinations. But what about other destinations that offer a great casino fare but also something extra, like maybe a gorgeous beach in tropical climes, or perhaps a bustling metropolitan area not far away that has its own share of attractions?

For those of you inclined to stay at home and gamble away, there are always new online casinos to be discovered at But for those wanting to save a bit and try their luck at an exotic destination, read for some great suggestions to check out.

Las Vegas, USA

This is the one that everyone knows about, everyone talks about, and everyone wants to be a part of. Las Vegas is a legend for a number of reasons, and has earned the moniker ‘Sin City’ for good reason. People come for different motivations, of course: there is the partying, which is second to none; it is one of the few places in the US where prostitution is legalised; and the strip is monstrous, so much so that it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of activity, from things like Cirque du Soleil shows to amusement parks.

Of course, the gambling is also pretty outrageous itself. From MGM Grand to Caesar’s Palace, from The Bellagio to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, you will not come away disappointed. The king of gambling happens to be domestic for those who live in the US, which turns out to be a pretty good way to travel for your next vacation.

Macau Region, China

Situated next to the more famous world finance centre, Hong Kong, Macau stands as a capital in its own rite of gambling in South East Asia. Outfitted with the same neon colours in the night that have made Las Vegas an icon for gamblers around the world, the former Portuguese colony offers a vibrant nightlife while also existing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its colourful melange of Chinese and European culture, including the picturesque architecture. If you get bored of gambling, hop on a short ferry to Hong Kong, where you can enjoy world-class cuisine and modern art in one of the world’s most electric metropolitan areas.

Aruba, Caribbean

If white, powdery beaches are also atop your list of what you are looking for in a vacation – in addition to some show floor gambling, of course – then take a good long look at Aruba. Here, you will find high-rise hotels that double as casinos, featuring big names like Allegro Aruba Beach, Alhambra Bazaar (an 8,000-square-foot complex that houses the famous Caribbean Stud Poker), and Aruba Concorde. If you are already on holiday with a cruise ship, then this one way to squeeze some poker or roulette into your vacation as well. Just be mindful to stay safe while traveling overseas.


Sun City, South Africa

For a bit of regional diversity, Sun City made the list as a place full of luxury hotel complexes replete with casino show floors in which you can gamble the night away. Unique attractions include the nearby Pilanesberg Game Reserve for those inclined to peep some wildlife with your own eyes. The Valley of Waves Waterpark is also good family fun when you are not winning loot at Crystal Court or dining at Tusk Bar and Lounge.