Where are some of the best places for you and your significant other to go to get away for a short period of time?

For many couples, time spent together seems to be too short.

Whether work, school, family commitments, the list of things keeping two together grows.

That said look at some fun adventures that you and your mate can have.

If you dig hard enough, you will oftentimes discover that many activities do not cost that much. In fact, many of them end up being free.

Among some of the more common free ones can be hikes, bike rides, walking on a romantic beach and more.

So, is it time you and your partner had a fun adventure?

Maybe You Will Take to the Water

Among the myriad of possible couple adventures, consider these three:

1. Water related activities – It is hard for couples not to enjoy spending time in or around water. Unless one has a fear of swimming or the like, they’re going to find a liking for the water. That said is whale watching some the two of you would enjoy? If so, options like Captain Dave’s whale watching tours and others need your attention. One of the great things about whale watching is that it allows you to see incredible mammals up close. While out on your tour, you could very well see dolphins, sharks, sea lions and more. Not only is whale watching educational, but it is an opportunity to have some close time with one another. Face it; you’re not getting off the boat and swimming back to shore, so you get some time to share each other’s company.

2. Take to the mountains – As romantic as beaches can be, how about time spent in the mountains? There’s nothing quite like hiking in the mountains. In doing so, you will oftentimes come across nature first-hand. Sure, you do not want to run into a bear or other animals that can be dangerous. By doing research and preparing ahead of time, you can lessen the chances for such encounters. Along with walks or hikes in the mountain, how about pitching a tent for the weekend. Being with your significant other and looking up at the stars is hard to duplicate. With any mountain adventures, take along necessities like water, food, and a cell phone. Though reception can be hard to get at times, you want that phone with you in the event your vehicle breaks down etc.

3. Sporting events – For some guys, finding a woman who shares their enthusiasm for sports is hard. On the flip side, there are some women who dig sports more than their male counterparts. If you both have a love for games, go off on some sports adventures together. Some couples travel to visit different ballparks, stadiums, and of course arenas. Not only do you get some sports along the way, but the time together in a vehicle or plane can be fun too. If you do decide to do some sports road trips, take the time to map them out. In doing so, you’re less likely to run into any bumps in the road along the way.

Given there are many more couple adventures to be had start with any or all the three noted and have fun.