Of all the cities in South Africa, Cape Town is by far the most popular of the lot. Offering scores of attractions, it can be tough to figure out where to start when it comes to sightseeing here. Below, we’ll share our favourite sights in one of SA’s most glamorous urban environments.

1) Table Mountain

Unless you run into a rare bad weather day, make Table Mountain your first stop in Cape Town. Rising thousands of feet above the downtown core, the flat top of this peak is home to a habitat unlike anything you’ll find in the coastal lowlands.

When you aren’t checking out the killer views in every direction or watching rock climbers scale the walls below, keep your eyes open for the dassie. Known formally as the Rock Hyrax, this small, cute mammal will steal your heart as they scramble under, over, and across the rocks on top of Table Mountain.

Don’t make the mistake of treating them like quokkas, though – unlike the tame marsupials from Down Under, these guys will bite if they feel threatened, just like they did to some poor tourists several years ago.

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2) V&A Waterfront

After resting up, spend your afternoon at the V&A Waterfront. An entertainment complex situated near the port lands of Cape Town, you’ll find a variety of markets, restaurants, shops, and other amusements here.

From food vendors offering the best edible products in the city to retailers who sell authentic pieces of local art, you’ll find plenty of awesome things to buy during your time here.

Finish your time by boarding the giant Ferris Wheel, which offers excellent views over the Downtown core.

3) Camps Bay Beach

Your stay in Cape Town won’t be complete until spend a day at the beach. While there are plenty of options available to you, there are few finer than Camps Bay in our humble opinion.

With loads of white sand, palm trees, beachfront bars and restaurants, expensive homes, and Table Mountain looming in the background, this place has an energy that will make it a hard place to leave.

The water is definitely on the chilly side, but on a hot summer day in Kaapstad, there is no better way to cool off than to plunge into the 12-degree water which flows up straight from Antarctica.