What are the benefits of being a digital nomad? You can adventure out on your non-working hours and explore new surroundings, use adventure as a form of motivation, you’ll be more productive when you get a sense of fresh air. As well as being productive, you will have more ideas on how to approach your work and you will become more adaptable and gain more confidence. How exactly? Well… travelling to new and unfamiliar places pushes you out of your comfort zone, by adapting to new environments every day, you will need to engage with different cultures and people.

Just imagine, you can be adventuring out in Bali and in your non-working hours you can exploring. This city guide to Bali will ensure you that you experience all the key locations.

Should you become a digital nomad? It’s a fact that 90% of digital nomad workers report of being highly satisfised of what they do, the percentage also said that travel is one of the best methods to maintain enjoyment and happiness.

The shown infographic displays facts about being a digital nomad, 70% of the digital nomad population work no more than 40 hours per week, 49% of the workers earn the same salary or even more than the average worker.