The Eden Project is a must see on a trip to Cornwall ... photo by CC user Patrick Charpiat on

Looking for some exciting and fun things to do on your upcoming summer trip to Cornwall? No matter where you end up staying in the most southwesterly county of the United Kingdom, there are plenty of diversions close at hand.

If you are short on time though, the following diversions are not to be missed under any circumstances…

1) Visit the Eden Project

Begun by Tim Smit in the late 1990’s to showcase different types of flora from across the world, The Eden Project is one of Cornwall’s best known attractions.

While the subject matter is enough to bring in visitors, its outward appearance is certainly a conversation starter, as the plastic domes with pentagonal and hexagonal cells gives this site an otherworldly appearance.

With tropical and Mediterranean climates represented, and with a lush exterior garden welcomes visitors, those with a love for greenery will have a great time at this marquee point of interest in Cornwall.

2) Spend a day at some of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful beaches

Cornwall will never be mistaken for the Caribbean or the Canary Islands, but its beaches, with limestone and gypsum sands, often grant the waters a baby blue hue, so you can suspend the logical portion of your brain until you step in the water.

Put it together with steep cliffs, natural dune systems and bucolic countryside, and you have an atmospheric place to catch a few rays, or if the spirit moves you, a few waves, as Cornwall is known for being an excellent place to pick up the sport of surfing.

Want to be situated so that a day by the sea is an easy thing to accomplish for you and your family? Make sure you stay in a Cornwall holiday park, and you’ll have easy access to many of the best beaches in the Shire of Cornwall, as the best ones are usually located within walking distance or an easy drive of the seacoast.

3) Comb over the remains of Tintagel Castle

If you grew up reading about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, then you probably know that he and his brethren called the Tintagel Castle home.

True or not, this keep was a real life place, and while it has certainly seen better days, you can walk amidst its ruins and imagine how things were in the age of knights that fought for justice and valour.

What’s more, the complex boasts a panoramic view of the North Atlantic Ocean atop a spectacular promontory, so take care to save some of your shots to take in the best that nature has to offer around these parts.