You’re going to be in San Diego and want to get the most out of it. This city can be pretty exciting, but you have to know where to go. The following are seven exciting things you can do or see in this city.

1. Cinema Under the Stars

One fun thing you can do while you’re in San Diego is visit the rooftop theater Cinema Under the Stars. The idea of being able to overlook the city from a rooftop is romantic and exciting. It would also be great to do this with a family. You’ll be able to choose all sorts of seating types, from loveseat cabanas to deck chairs as you watch the movie they are playing. Just so you know, you can catch classic movies on the weekends. Don’t worry though; there are heaters there and other things that help protect you from the weather, just in case you were wondering.

2. Sycuan Casino Resort

You shouldn’t leave America’s Finest City without doing a little gambling. Who knows? You might get lucky!. Sycuan is one of the best places to play bingo in San Diego and the same goes for other kinds of classic casino games. You’ll find seasoned players there alongside fresh-faced tourists and everything in between.

3. Coronado Ferry

If you want to take a quiet boat trip, you should consider booking a spot on the Coronado Ferry. You’ll be taken across the San Diego Bay to the Coronado Ferry Landing. It’s a beautiful corner of the city where you’ll get to do some shopping or a little biking.

4. La Jolla Shores Beach

One thing you must do while visiting San Diego if you love excitement is snorkel in La Jolla Shores Beach. You’ll want to go about 10 feet under the water and you’ll see leopard sharks. There could a few at a time or maybe even hundreds. If you’ve never done this before, some folks are willing to help you with this experience.

5. La Jolla Shores Surfing

It’s okay if you don’t want to swim with the sharks. The cool thing about this beach is that it’s considered one of the most exciting surfing beaches in San Diego. Those who know how to surf or have ever been curious about the sport came to the right place.

6. Dispensary

Okay, so it’s legal to smoke a little marijuana or try an edible in California. There’s no way you should let this opportunity pass you by if you’re curious enough to try. You can do this from the comfort of your hotel room. You’re going to be having a good time without leaving your room, which is pretty cool. There are a lot of dispensaries in San Diego, so just find one with good reviews.

7. Haunted Villa Montezuma

This is a beautiful mansion, but some folks think it’s haunted. People may think this because it was built by real spiritualists or because people used it for séances. If you’re into the macabre, that’s a place to visit.

You’ve got seven fun and exciting things you can do or see in San Diego. Try to fit all of them into your schedule or at least a few of these.