Photo by CC user Blake Bolinger on Flickr.

Nomadic backpackers possess two key attributes; a passion for travel and active lifestyle. And both are needed to travel the world without all the luxuries and glamour of expensive hotels. With that being said, backpacking offers more benefits thank you may think, and a lot of positives can be gained when backpacking and exploring world. Here are three awesome benefits of why you consider giving inner roaming backpacker a chance.

Building Confidence & Self Esteem

A backpacker will experience much more than your average tourist, thus, must rely on their instincts and learn to become a lot more independent. Experiencing both the highs and lows of backpacking around the world provides a lot of opportunity for self-reflection and learning from previous mistakes, building your character and confidence along the way.

Living in The Moment

This particularly applies to all the backpackers out there! No one on earth experiences living in the moment quite like a wandering backpacker. Because it takes so much energy and planning to get to and explore a destination, backpackers truly know how to savour the moment when they are there doing it. Due to these stresses, they tend to linger a lot longer than the average tourist, properly soaking up the culture and lifestyle.

Meeting New People & Connections

Unlike a nice hotel, backpackers are usually on a tight budget, meaning they must resort to bunking up with several other backpackers in a hostel, which is a much more affordable option when backpacking.This, whether you like it or not, forces you to meet new people and establish a good bond. This is often quite easy for a backpacker, as they usually have plenty to talk about from previous adventures.

Experiencing True Freedom

With the title of backpacker comes the responsibility of being your own boss. There’s no one telling you where to be and at what time, only doing what you have set out for yourself. Sure, this may mean you need do a bit more initial planning, but the reward is you are free to do whatever you want – exploring some of the world’s most places, at you own pace. The definition of freedom.