Throughout history, there have been many tales about places which have been long sought by explorers. However, these places have not been found. Even nowadays, these mythical places remain in tales and stories. Do you know about these places and how they can fit into the picture?  


El Dorado

Known as the most famous city of gold, El Dorado has long been a South American legend. El Dorado was believed to be a place, after a movie themed of it, was released by Disney. However, it is the most misunderstood myth as El Dorado was a. . . individuals! As a matter of fact, the rulers of Muisca tribe were known by this term! They were called El Dorado as they would cover themselves in gold each morning and would wash it off in a sacred lake later the same day. The people of this tribe believed that gold was a spiritual good, rather than a material one. However, the Spanish conquistadors realised how much gold lied in that tribe. . . and there! It started the myth of a ‘city of gold’!  

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Originating from James Hilton’s novel called ‘Lost Horizon’, Shangri-La is yet another mythical place which emerged in 1933. This place is about a mystical valley in Tibet, found in the shadow of a huge mountain. This mythical place became increasingly popular as it was a place where modernity was banned, and humans enjoyed only natural beauty. It was also described as the place where all the good things of life were kept hidden. But, as per documentations, the original idea of that place, dated from the 16th century! So, Hilton simply got inspired himself from that idea and created a mythical place out of it. We must say. . . it was a great source of inspiration!


And the most mythical civilization of all times is Atlantis! Described in the first place by Plato, Atlantis is seen as a sunken continent which has been submerged by the waters. It is mostly known as a rivalling threat to Athens, in terms of cultures and wisdom. Until now, the exact location of Atlantis has never been discovered, but it was believed to be in Atlantic. The waters have been searched by experts few times, but never did they find that mythical sunken palace. In the last years, one expert claimed to have found Atlantis in the Southern China Sea, but the claim has never been verified. Anyway, even if this place is discovered in the future, it is likely to be an ancient tribe, which was once lost when the water rose. It is less probable to find the wonders like Plato described!