Taking a trip across Southeast Asia is a unique and exhilarating experience. It is one of the most interesting and vibrant areas of the world and with proper preparation you can make your journey truly memorable. Not to strain your wallet too much you can use various coupons for Hotels.com and other services from Discountrue, which will allow you to save on the accommodation and travel. Here are a few more tips that will maximize your enjoyment and keep you from falling victim to the typical tourist pitfalls!


Be Prepared For Anything

Western travelers often struggle during their trips to Asia, because they are used to things running on a certain timetable. Vacationing can be stressful from time to time, but blowing your top whenever plans do not work out as you expected will not help at all. Not only does this serve to make your trip a much less memorable experience, but you are also going to look foolish in front of the locals who are tasked with helping you. Remain flexible and expect the unexpected!

English Is Spoken Sparingly

You may be fortunate enough to stay in a region where English is spoken on a regular basis, or you could end up in a spot where there are no English speakers at all. As a result, you should expect some form of miscommunication along the way. Get ready to play charades, as you will need to mime certain phrases. It wouldn’t hurt to bone up on the local language and learn a few key phrases before arriving. Don’t worry about proper pronunciation, as no one is going to mind a few slips of the tongue.

Getting Ripped Off Happens

No matter how savvy a traveler you are, you are going to find yourself in situations where you are being taken for a ride. A tourist in any foreign country is going to be separated from their hard earned money in a variety of ways. There are obvious tourist traps and tourist scams to be avoided, but as far as the more subtle methods are concerned, be prepared for some breakage. A few lost dollars here and there is not going to ruin the trip.

Eat Local Food

Even if you have never eaten Southeast Asian food before, it is bound to be tastier and much less expensive than any Western options you will find! Don’t be shy about purchasing food from street vendors. Just trust your nose and be sure to try as many new and interesting dishes as possible. Places that cook to order are your best bet.

Research The Water

The water in the area where you are staying may or may not be safe to drink, so tourists should do their homework ahead of time. If there is any doubt whatsoever, use bottled water for drinking. You can also use filtered water for tooth brushing and any other important daily tasks. Sometimes, ice can be safe, since it is made in factories, but you should still stay cautious.