Do you have visions of a holiday of a lifetime in the Maldives? An African safari or a month traveling throughout Europe? If the answer is yes to any of the above, you are not alone and most people have dreams in their minds of one day taking a mega-vacation such as this.

Unfortunately, too many people believe that this type of vacation will only ever exist in their dreams but we are here to tell you that you can in fact turn this into a reality. If this is something that you wish to do, here are some tips on how to go about it.


The first step is to understand that you are going to have to make some sacrifices if you want to truly enjoy the trip of a lifetime. This means that for perhaps 2 years, you will have to hold off on the 2 week Greece vacation or the 6 weekend breaks each year that you enjoy. Give these up for a year or two and you will soon find that you have the money to put behind an incredible vacation.

Search Budget Options

Have you ever actually looked into the cost of your dream vacation? The chances are that the costs involved are not as crazy as you once thought and in many cases there are budget options available for such vacations. Booking through an agency for example is always going to cost you an incredible amount of money and so it may be easier and cheaper if you arrange everything yourself. This is just one example of many which could see you bag that vacation of a lifetime, and less than you thought.

Track Spending And Cut It

You will be amazed at just how much money you probably waste each month on frivolous spends, daily coffee and meals out. A great way to get an understanding of this is to track your spends for one or two months. At the end of this you will be able to see just where you are wasting your money and from here you can put together a savings plan which you can put into your holiday fund. Many complain that they cannot afford such lavish vacations, whilst at the same time they are regularly throwing money down the drain, work out where you waste money and turn it into savings.

Selling Things

Many of us love to hoard possessions long after we have finished with them and you may find that in your own home you have a vast amount of unwanted goods which you could make money from. Set a day aside and rake through your drawers, closets and basements, round up any unwanted goods such as clothes, games, toys, tech and gadgets. Once you have put everything together, start listing them on sites like eBay and you will soon see the value that you had just laying around the house. All of the money you make from selling your goods you can put straight into your holiday savings.

Dream holidays are not cheap but equally they are not unreachable, make the sacrifices, save your money and before you know it you will be jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime.