With views like this everywhere, it can be hard to choose the best Hawaiian islands ... photo by CC user tpsdave on pixabay

Many people have numerous states checked off their list when it comes to exploring the USA, but one of the most attractive ones in the Union remains unchecked, mostly due to its location smack in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

That state is none other than Hawaii, and while getting there can be quite the long haul adventure, its many sights and attractions make it well worth the trio. The following best Hawaiian islands not to miss will ensure that you choose the isle in the archipelago that is best suited to your personality.

1) Maui

Looking for somewhere with a wide slate of activities suitable for those that like being in constant motion on holiday? If so, Maui is the best option for you and your travel companions. From mountain biking in the highlands of this green isle, to an assortment of water craft (from windsurfing boards to jetskis), there are tons of ways of get your adrenaline fix on Maui.

If you’d rather just lay back and survey the beauty of this island from the comfort of a high class accommodation, there are many fully equipped oceanfront Maui vacation rentals available for you to base yourself during your time in this paradise.

2) Hawaii (the Big Island)

Referred to by most people as the Big Island to avoid confusing outsiders, Hawaii may not as many of the white sand beaches that the smaller isles in the archipelago boast, but what it lacks in these tourist magnets, it makes up for it outdoor adventure opportunities.

Mauna Kea is one of the tallest mountains in the world (and the tallest when measured from its undersea base), while the fiery disposition of Mauna Loa fascinates fans of active volcanoes. The Kona region is famous for its high quality coffee, while nearby black sand beaches offer some of the least crowded breaks for surfers in the state.

3) Oahu

If your idea of a tropical getaway pairs palm trees and beaches with the convenience and amenities of a full-service urban area, then Oahu will be where you’ll want to spend your time in Hawaii. Oahu is home to Honolulu, the capital and largest city in the Hawaiian islands, so those seeking top tier shopping, dining and nightlife will find it all here.

Honolulu’s chief attraction is the world famous sands of Waikiki Beach, where the day time social hub of this city brims with locals and tourists from morning to sunset. Art galleries, museums (including the sobering USS Arizona memorial) and other cultural attractions can be found in abundance here, but those seeking to get away from the city will be well taken care of on Oahu, as the north shore is home to rural towns and villages where a strong surfer culture exists. Hawaii is truly a photographer’s paradise, make sure you choose the right one to bring by checking out¬†www.BestCompactCamera2016.com¬†before heading out!