Have you ever noticed that your entire perspective changes when you enter a completely different place?

If not, think about how you feel when you work from a different office. Or when you go on vacation in a new and remote location.

On a smaller scale, you can even change your perspective by hanging out in a different room in your home. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s something different.

  1. A change of scenery can make you more productive

Research by Regus found that more than 53 percent of UK workers experience cabin-fever type feelings about their work environment. And if you work in an office, you can probably relate.

When you change your external environment, you’re also changing your internal conditions as the mind is challenged to process new things. This sort of invigoration can equate to exactly the kind of fuel your mind needs to focus on the task ahead of you.

  1. You can learn new things from visiting new places

Whether you’re learning new directions or a new language, there’s always something you can learn from visiting a new place. Whenever you learn something new, your brain creates new neural pathways, which keeps your mind young and healthy. For so many reasons, it’s a good idea to commit to learning. And changing your atmosphere can help.

  1. You’ll have great stories to tell

Have you felt like you’re spending all your time in one place? When you do, you probably aren’t creating many interesting new memories. There’s a reason why some of the best memories happen outside of your home.

When you get out of your comfort zone, you will behave differently, interact with new people and experience life from a whole new perspective. If you want to lead a more interesting life, it’s important to change your atmosphere and see something new every once in a while.

  1. You can break old patterns

If you have developed some bad habits, changing your atmosphere is going to be one of the quickest ways to positive change. Habits usually have a trigger moment that happens in your day-to-day life.

Maybe it’s a glass of wine while you’re cooking or a few hours binging social media posts when you wake up and sit on the couch. Instead of succumbing to those triggers, try changing your atmosphere.

Get new players in your game and visit new places. And before you even think about sitting on the couch, put on your sneakers and take a walk. Changing your atmosphere often means avoiding your triggers.

Once you break free from your triggers you’ll find that it’s easier to stay sober through a crisis or any challenging time.

  1. Life will be inherently more interesting

If you commit to seeing something new every day or even every week, you will become a much more well-rounded and interesting person. Because your life will be more well-rounded and interesting too. Experience more and you will enjoy your life that much more.

To up the ante, consider getting a new ride for all your upcoming road trips. Something like the new G90 sedan will give you a luxury feel with enough space for all your gear. And you can commit to a new adventure every day.

  1. You’ll keep depression at bay

A change of scenery can help boost your mood, especially if you’re moving from indoors to outdoors. The sunshine and fresh air can naturally enhance your spirits without any side effects. So before you take any depression medication, consider changing your atmosphere.

If you’re thinking about making a move, this may be your sign that it’s time. A change of atmosphere can do you good.