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Inspired travel amenities: Extras are the way forward


Unless you’re experienced at ways to enhance your holiday then you might naively think it’s simply about booking a package deal and packing your suitcase. Yes, you could do this, but then you would be missing out on a few added extras which could make your holiday not only cheaper, but also less stressful during the travel phase. Airport parking Do you drive to the airport? If you don’t, why not? Public transport is expensive and it’s stressful, and stress isn’t something you need in your holiday plans. I find driving and parking up, booking my spot through ParkBCP, is…

The 3 Best Hawaiian Islands Not to Miss!


Many people have numerous states checked off their list when it comes to exploring the USA, but one of the most attractive ones in the Union remains unchecked, mostly due to its location smack in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. That state is none other than Hawaii, and while getting there can be quite the long haul adventure, its many sights and attractions make it well worth the trio. The following best Hawaiian islands not to miss will ensure that you choose the isle in the archipelago that is best suited to your personality. 1) Maui Looking for…