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Things to consider before a Disney Park trip


No doubt if you’re reading this, it means the kids are already nagging you to go to Disney World, and you’re considering it! Do so, it’s a blast of exhilarating experiences that you and the kids will remember for a lifetime. But remember, it can also leave you with a throbbing head and aching feet if you don’t take the time to prepare. The thing about Disney World is, well, it’s huge, and that means there’s a lot to learn before you go. For one thing, did you know that Disney World is actually several separate parks, including Magic Kingdom,…

What To Know Before Visiting Disney World


A trip to Disney World is a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and especially your kids. North America’s most famous theme park truly does have something for everyone, whether its the golf course or the water parks or one of the hundreds of other experiences on offer. It’s impossible not to have fun at Disney World, but first time visitors can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. Don’t worry though, because with a few quick pointers you’ll easily get the most out of your trip. What’s there? The first thing visitors need to…