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Enjoy big Health and Wellness savings with Groupon

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Although the USA is a great place to go shopping for products, it’s not nearly as cheap when it comes to obtaining services. Indeed, it’s fair to say that the US is one of the most expensive countries of all, mainly due to the high costs of labor in the country. As such, luxuries like personal trainers, massages, facials and so on are extremely expensive for many people. That’s why we recommended taking advantage of any discounts you can find on these kinds of services. Today we’ve got a great one for you, just head on over to the Health,…

Check out Groupon’s New Business Listings Service

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Groupon has struggled to stay relevant with its old deal-a-day coupon business model, and that’s the forced the company to get a bit more creative and test out different methods. As such, Groupon has transformed itself into a kind of Yellow Pages listings site for all kinds of business listings. However, Groupon has still kept its old cost savings coupon vouchers, only now they’re integrated directly into the listings. For consumers this is great news, because it means they automatically get to save some cash on whatever kind of business they’re looking for. Check out this Brewed Awakening Coffehouse as…