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Canada is out, Mexico is in. How British holiday makers are changing destinations


A UK based travel agency has looked at the changing face of British holiday destinations over the past 20 years. They found that Mexico has becoming the most popular since 1995, whereas Canada has lost its allure. Thailand, Jamaica, and the UAE were all popular new destinations. British holiday makers seem to think that Mexico is in, and Canada is out. A piece of research looking at the most popular holiday destinations for British holiday makers has revealed the changing face of British travel interest over the past 20 years. There has been a huge shift for all destinations. British…

3 alternate ideas for trips in Europe


The traditional trip to Europe, while interesting to most, strikes many others as being too vanilla. Not all people like going from one city to another looking at an assortment of museums, old buildings, ruins, and castles. For these folks, we have come up with alternate ideas for trips in Europe, as there are many attractions that typical itineraries on this continent fail to acknowledge in many cases. Let’s look at a few possibilities together… 1) Go on a river cruise While most are well acquainted with the idea of plying the world’s oceans on the massive floating holiday islands…