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Travel tips and information including accommodations, attractions, restaurants and dining, things to see and do, national parks and recreation areas, scenic byways and highways, driving vacation ideas, transportation information including airlines, and lots of interesting links for the United States. If you do not choose to visit as specific state at this time, but would be interested about The United States in general, General Information About The United States.

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General Information About The United States

Posters and Framed Art for The United States

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Driving Vacation Ideas and Itineraries

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United States Business Etiquette and Culture

An excellent guide to business culture and etiquette in United States.

I know that a lot of people who this site are not citizens of the United States. Therefore this section is for those living outside of the United States who wish to travel to the U.S. for business or pleasure.  Click on Getting To The United States for information.  You may then return to this page for additional information about The United States.

If you have some good information on The United States, including some interesting links, be sure to send them to me.  Also, if you have specific questions about The United States, just send me an email. I will do my best to get back with you as soon as I can.   However, please be as specific as possible with your questions.  You would be surprised at how many questions I receive that begin, "We are going to Europe.  What should we see?"

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United States Business Etiquette and Culture - An excellent guide to business culture and etiquette in United States.
Executive Planet™ provides valuable tips on business etiquette, customs and protocol for doing business worldwide. Our guides are co-authored by experts in international business etiquette, who are available to answer your questions on the discussion board.

This guide to United States business etiquette and culture covers many aspects of doing business in United States. It is our goal to provide practical, accurate, and up-to-date tips on United States business culture and etiquette, written by experts in business consulting in United States. We encourage visitors to leave questions or comments on our discussion boards, moderated by experts in intercultural training and business. Click On: Executive Planet - The United_States

This guide contains the following articles:
Let's Make a Deal - negotiating tactics, the value of connections, recommended business card style and content, business card protocol, sitting and presenting yourself in meetings, language for brochures and promotional material, pace of business, preferred presentation styles, final agreements, thinking styles, adherence to company policy, and more on United States business culture . . . Prosperous Entertaining - typical mealtimes throughout the day, best venues for business entertaining, punctuality for social events, dinner table seating etiquette, mealtime etiquette, importance of alcohol, toasting, guidelines for hosting a banquet/social event, what foods should be served/avoided, accepting and declining invitations, and more on United States business etiquette. . . Appointment Alert! - typical vacation times, recommended appointment times, length of the lunch hour, signals that indicate beginning or end of an appointment, best arrival time (early, late, right on time), and more on United States business culture. . . Gift Giving - recommended gifts, gifts to avoid, good and bad colors for wrapping paper, how to present a gift to individuals and groups, guidelines for receiving gifts, and more on United States business culture. . . First Name or Title? - using titles such as 'Doctor', naming conventions to avoid, when to use first names, and more. . . Public Behavior - how to greet strangers and introduce yourself, the rules for men shaking hands with women, acceptable demeanor, rules for eye contact, gestures/sayings to avoid, and more on United States business culture. . . Business Dress - is dress modest, conservative, etc., specific dress requirements for men and women, what visitors should wear to social functions, and more on United States business culture. . Conversation - welcome and unwelcome topics of conversation, the role of compliments, the tone of voice to be used, whether your hosts are physical or more reserved, and more on United States business etiquette. For additional information, click on

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