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Visit Florida
P.O. Box 1100
Tallahassee, FL 32302-1100
1-888-735-2872, fax 850-224-2938
I suggest you purchase the book Hidden Florida before visiting Florida. Everyone visiting Florida (or living there) should have this book in their travel bookcase. Another interesting book is Florida Off The Beaten Path. Another good book is Hidden Florida Keys and The Everglades. A must if you plan to visit the Keys.


Everything you want to know about the state, including accommodation information, resort facilities, and things to see and do is available from the Florida Division of tourism, Visitor inquiry, 661 East Jefferson Street (P.O. Box 1100), Tallahassee, FL 32302-1100, 1-800-487-1462; (Florida Facts) the STRONG> Florida Hotel and Motel Association, Box 1529, Tallahassee, FL 32302-1529, 850/224-2888; and the Florida Department of Commerce, Bureau of Visitor Services, 850/487-1462. Another good source for general and specific information on the state is from the monthly publication Florida Living, 102 NE 10th Ave., Suite 6, Gainesville, FL 32601, 352/372/8865. If you are a frequent visitor you may want to subscribe.

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CLICK HERE to order a copy of Hidden Florida. A wonderful guidebook!
CLICK HERE to order Disney World and Beyond.

Click on Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and West Palm Beach for travel guides, brochures, and money savers to help you plan your visit to these Florida cities. Area Travel Packets was created to help travelers get the most out of popular destination and to help them plan their vacations ahead of time.

Going to Florida? A one-stop site for all your Florida needs is here! Start planning today.

There are also several official state welcome stations in Florida for visitors driving into the state including the Capital Welcome Station in Tallahassee, on I-10 about 18 miles west of Pensacola, about 4 miles north of Jennings on I-75, 3 miles north of Yulee on I-95S, and about 3 miles north of Campbellton on US 231. I still remember how exciting it was to enter Florida when I was a kid and getting that free glass of orange juice. They still give out the free juice and it is still exciting to me. An indication that I am really in Florida. I guess in a lot of ways I'm still a kid. Hope I never grow up!

One of the best ways to get good travel information is to check with folks who know a lot about the area in which you plan to visit. I recommend that after you get the general information you are seeking about Florida and the Florida Keys, you check with Allexperts for specific information about the places you plan to visit. It is a great site! Allexperts - Florida and the Florida Keys!  

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Click on Circling Florida Driving Tour for an interesting tour along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Recommended Country Inns : The South : Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee - You'll find the best of Southern hospitality, as well as the best buys, with this guide. Immerse yourself in idyllic surroundings and discern with ease the best inn for a romantic getaway, family vacation, business conference, or special celebration. The book features only the inns worth visiting, giving you the most value for your money. Full descriptions of each inn provide the most up-to-date, essential information available. Inns deserving special commendation - not just the most expensive - receive Top Pick status and are described in fuller detail. Handy icons help you to recognize at a glance which inns you want to know more about. Special indexes round out this guide, helping you find the inns with features that are most important to you!

Orlando Tourist Information Bureau - Orlando is one of the world's premier travel destinations. More than 45-million people visit our area every year, enjoying the many attractions, beaches, and events that make Central Florida a great place to visit and live. Click on the Orlando Travel Guide for additional information.

The series of "Hidden" books by Ulysses Press are great guidebooks. Editor Ray Rieget has put together some wonderful information. Included in this series is the interesting Hidden Florida. If you are planning a vacation in Florida, or if you live in Florida and would like to find some interesting and perhaps little know getaways, order a copy today! There is also the very informative Disney World and Beyond . I highly recommend both of these books. Jim 
to order a copy of Hidden Florida. A wonderful guidebook!
or CLICK HERE to order Disney World and Beyond.

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