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Travel and tourism information about Thailand brought to you by NESSThai.  Be sure to visit their website.  Jim.

The mission of NESSThai is to encourage the integration of the tourism industry into more sustainable development in Thailand. We believe that this can only be achieved with a participatory approach, through research, action and extension.


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Thailand Business Etiquette and Culture
An excellent guide to business culture and etiquette in Thailand.

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Here is a quick overview on Thailand
Although it is not quite as large as the state of Texas, this place is filled with wonderful and mysterious things to see and do. The country's savory, spicy cuisine and the fabulous seafood might be reason enough to visit here. As is the wonderful architecture and the scenery. 
To find out more about Thailand you can call 1.800.842.4526 or visit the Tourist Authority of Thailand website.

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The following information was taken from the CIA World Fact Book
A unified Thai kingdom was established in the mid-14th century. Known as Siam until 1939, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. A bloodless revolution in 1932 led to a constitutional monarchy. In alliance with Japan during World War II, Thailand became a US ally following the conflict. Thailand is currently facing separatist violence in its southern ethnic Malay-Muslim provinces.

With a well-developed infrastructure, a free-enterprise economy, and generally pro-investment policies, Thailand appears to have fully recovered from the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis. The country was one of East Asia's best performers from 2002-04. Boosted by strong export growth, the Thai economy grew 4.5% in 2007. Bangkok has pursued preferential trade agreements with a variety of partners in an effort to boost exports and to maintain high growth. By 2007, the tourism sector had largely recovered from the major 2004 tsunami. Following the military coup in September 2006, investment and consumer confidence stagnated due to the uncertain political climate that lasted through the December 2007 elections. Foreign investor sentiment was further tempered by a 30% reserve requirement on capital inflows instituted in December 2006, and discussion of amending Thailand's rules governing foreign-owned businesses. Economic growth in 2007 was due almost entirely to robust export performance - despite the pressure of an appreciating currency. Exports have performed at record levels, rising nearly 17% in 2006 and 12% in 2007. Export-oriented manufacturing - in particular automobile production - and farm output are driving these gains.  For additional information, visit

Passports and Visas

You will need a passport to visit Andorra. You have to travel to Andorra through either France or Spain. Andorra accepts any passport or passport replacing document that is valid for either France or Spain.

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Currency Information and Money Matters
The currency is the baht (THB). The baht per US dollar - 33.599 (2007), 37.882 (2006), 40.22 (2005), 40.222 (2004), 41.485 (2003).

Currency Exchange - Get your currency needs managed in advance! Many airports, railroad stations, bus depots, and other points of entry have no currency exchange. When currency exchange is available in airports, lines can be long and rates can be "sky high". These long waits and usurious fees can be a nightmare.  Order in advance from All Foreign Currency right online. It's fast, easy, and you save time and money! The can also provide you with Travelers' checks, bank drafts, and transfers. U.S. dollars are not accepted everywhere and rates can be atrocious! Current Exchange Rate: Check Today's Exchange Rate


The official language is Thai. Also spoken are English, a secondary language of the elite, and some ethnic and regional dialects. I have found that it helps to know at least a little bit of the language as I travel in other countries. You do not have to be able to be a fluent speaker, but knowing a few key words and phrases will really help. I have found that, although almost everywhere I go I can find someone who speaks English, knowing just a few words of the local language can really be a help. And, it lets others know I am at least interested in their language. Visit the Getting Away Language Learning Center where you can find out how to learn another language, or where to purchase books, dictionaries, electronic translators, software and more.

Click here for language helps, dictionaries, electronic translators, language software and other helps for learning a foreign language. Being able to speak at least some of the language in the country you are visiting will help you have a better time and enjoy your trip more. Jim.

Travel Etiquette
Behavior and customs vary greatly from country to country. We discuss the correct travel etiquette so that you won't be caught out. TravelEtiquette was formed to offer a unique reference point on essential etiquette advice and information for worldwide travel. Our features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in this area. So – know before you go. Visit TravelEtiquette so you will know how to, as the old adage states, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

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Travel Warning
Travel Warnings are issued to describe long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable.  A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff.  The countries listed below meet those criteria.  Additionally, the State Department issues Country Specific Information  for every country of the world with information on such matters as the health conditions, crime, unusual currency or entry requirements, any areas of instability, and the location of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in the subject country. Check with the U.S. State Department for Travel Warnings, Consular Information Sheets & Public Announcements.

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Books, Maps and Other Resources

My favorite guidebooks when I am traveling is Fodor's. I find them to be quite complete, easy to use, and almost always on the money with helps and tips for traveling in the country I am visiting. Click on Fodor's Travel Guides to find the perfect guidebook for your travels.

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Cities, Towns and Areas of Thailand

Phuket Thailand is Asia's most popular holiday resort and has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. Great accommodation with some of the finest resort hotels, beautiful beaches, leisure activities like diving, game fishing, elephant riding and sailing around Phi Phi and the local islands. Why not take a sea canoe or kayak tour of Phang Nga Bay? Better still, try a live-aboard dive cruise to the Similan islands. For entertainment, Patong Beach, Kata and Karon offer bars, restaurants with exquisite seafood, and interesting nightlife. Whether you are looking for a quiet corner to enjoy a romantic holiday retreat or an action packed time surrounded by swaying palms, turquoise seas and tropical sunshine, our island has it all.

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British Airway
British Airways ( flies between Bangkok and London.

There are Marriott properties in the following cities of Thailand: Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket

My preferred hotel chain is Marriott. I have stayed Residence Inns, which are prefect for longer stays with all the comforts of home; Spring Hill Suites, which I have found nice for longer stays as the have up to 25% more room than comparably priced rooms; Towne Place Suites, again when I want more room or am on a longer stay; Courtyard by Marriott, which has everything the business traveler needs, as well as families; Courtyard, Fairfield Inn, which I find spacious, comfortable and affordable. Another great idea is to stay at one of the JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts where you can enjoy a new dimension for your vacation or holiday. and Marriott Hotels and Resorts and have found them all to be of consistent quality and service. I have also stayed at some of their Vacation Club properties and have enjoyed each visit. AAA members can get discount rates at Marriott, as can Seniors. Click on Great Getaways for less at Marriott for special officers and great deals at Marriott hotels worldwide!

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Map of Thailand

Some Things To See And Do In Thailand
The following information is provided by the Tourist Authority of Thailand and is provided for your convenience with "PDF" format, please download an Acrobat Reader in order to view or print the document.

Major Destinations in Thailand
Cha-am & Hua Hin
Bangkok & the Central Plains
Kanchanaburi & Beyond
Songkhla & the Far South
Ayutthaya & Beyond
Sukhothai & Beyond
Phuket & the Andaman Sea
Surat Thani, Samui Island and the Mid-South
I-san, the Northeast
Pattaya & the East Coast
Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai & Lanna Thai

Tours to and in Thailand

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Some Suggestions For Dining In Thailand
Coming Soon. In the mean time, if you have information you believe I should add to this section, please contact me.

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Some Favorites In Thailand
Coming Soon. In the mean time, if you have information you believe I should add to this section, please contact me.

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Thailand Business Etiquette and Culture - An excellent guide to business culture and etiquette in Thailand.
Executive Planet™ provides valuable tips on business etiquette, customs and protocol for doing business worldwide. Our guides are co-authored by experts in international business etiquette, who are available to answer your questions on the discussion board.

This guide to Thailand business etiquette and culture covers many aspects of doing business in Thailand. It is our goal to provide practical, accurate, and up-to-date tips on Thailand business culture and etiquette, written by experts in business consulting in Thailand. We encourage visitors to leave questions or comments on our discussion boards, moderated by experts in intercultural training and business. Click On: Executive Planet - Thailand

This guide contains the following articles:
Let's Make a Deal - negotiating tactics, the value of connections, recommended business card style and content, business card protocol, sitting and presenting yourself in meetings, language for brochures and promotional material, pace of business, preferred presentation styles, final agreements, thinking styles, adherence to company policy, and more on Thailand business culture . . . Prosperous Entertaining - typical mealtimes throughout the day, best venues for business entertaining, punctuality for social events, dinner table seating etiquette, mealtime etiquette, importance of alcohol, toasting, guidelines for hosting a banquet/social event, what foods should be served/avoided, accepting and declining invitations, and more on Thailand business etiquette. . . Appointment Alert! - typical vacation times, recommended appointment times, length of the lunch hour, signals that indicate beginning or end of an appointment, best arrival time (early, late, right on time), and more on Thailand business culture. . . Gift Giving - recommended gifts, gifts to avoid, good and bad colors for wrapping paper, how to present a gift to individuals and groups, guidelines for receiving gifts, and more on Thailand business culture. . . First Name or Title? - using titles such as 'Doctor', naming conventions to avoid, when to use first names, and more. . . Public Behavior - how to greet strangers and introduce yourself, the rules for men shaking hands with women, acceptable demeanor, rules for eye contact, gestures/sayings to avoid, and more on Thailand business culture. . . Business Dress - is dress modest, conservative, etc., specific dress requirements for men and women, what visitors should wear to social functions, and more on Thailand business culture. . Conversation - welcome and unwelcome topics of conversation, the role of compliments, the tone of voice to be used, whether your hosts are physical or more reserved, and more on Thailand business etiquette. For additional information, click on

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